Translation & Interpretation

Rates for translation:
Official documents such as ID’s, driver’s licences, university or high school diploma’s: 30 to 45 euro
Other official documents such as marriage or divorce documents, school reports: 50 euro per page
Continuous text: 0,10 cent per word.

Rates for interpretation:
Instant interpretation: 45 euro per hour
Kilometre compensation: 0,60 euro per km

1. All the submitted documents have to be readable.
2. Please clearly mention the way your name has to be spelled (for instance: Khalil Javadi or Khalyl Javady).
3. All official translations have to be legalised by the ‘Rechtbank van Eerste Aanleg’ in the courthouse of Ghent. If you desire that this service is provided by the translator, an administrative fee of 5 euro is to be paid.
4. The translations will be delivered by post no later than one week after the payment on BE74 9790 8335 2307.
5. Requests for interpretation will take place only when the first hour is paid in advance on BE74 9790 8335 2307.
6. Any requests for interpretation can be cancelled up to 24 hour before the day of the assignment. If not so, the client has to pay the fee for one hour.
7. If the interpretation has to take place out of the home office, but for any reason the assignment is cancelled, the client has to pay the fee for one hour and the kilometre compensation.